5 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong

5 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong

1.Don’t Just Shop and Eat.

Except for shopping and eating, Hong Kong still has more for you to explore. Don’t miss these popular places during your trip in Hong Kong, such as Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

2.Don’t Spend All Your Time in Hong Kong Island.

A tour in Hong Kong is not all about Hong Kong Island, you can still visit other islands or less-known places. Hong Kong is comprised of about 262 outlaying islands, some of the islands are more traditional and original than Hong Kong Island.

Lantau Island may be your first choice, for Hong Kong Disney Land, Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Giant Buddha and Tai O Fishing Village. What’s more, Lantau Island is also a great place for hiking and camping.

Lamma Island, as the third largest island in Hong Kong, is also popular among tourists. This isolated island is a great place for you to taste seafood in Hong Kong.

3.Don’t Visit Hong Kong at a Wrong Time.

It’s really important for you to avoid the worst time for visiting Hong Kong, for a comfortable and enjoyable Hong Kong tour. The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to the next March, the climate will be good for traveling.

Try to avoid July and August, this period of time is typhoon season, usually with heavy rain. You won’t get a wonderful experience during these months.

4.Don’t Forget Octopus Card.

Don’t forget to get an Octopus card after you arrive Hong Kong. This stored value card works on all kinds of public transportation and convenience stores in Hong Kong, which will help you save a lot of time. There are many places that you could buy the card, even at the airport.

5.Don’t Smoke Everywhere.

There is a strict law existed in Hong Kong, thus, don’t smoke in the public places, such as restaurants, shopping malls, streets or any public transportation. Once you’re caught smoking in prohibited areas, you will be in fined for about 800 USD (5,000 HKD). No kidding. Meanwhile, don’t carry too many cigarettes with you when entering Hong Kong, usually less than 19

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