7 Tips for Traveling Alone

7 Tips for Traveling Alone

1. Avoid Lodging With a Single Supplement

Some cruise lines and hotels might require two people to share the property. If you want it all to yourself, you will have to pay a single supplement so they travel provider can still make their anticipated revenue as if you brought a travel companion.

These fees will be disclosed before you book. If not, be sure to ask before confirming the reservation

2. Stay Somewhere With Multiple Positive Ratings

Traveling solo might make you feel more vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. Before booking a place to stay, do a little research and only stay at a hotel or a property with multiple positive reviews. These reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from the host, neighborhood, and if any other tenants might be sharing the property with you.

3. Stay Somewhere With Free Wi-Fi

Depending on what time of year you travel, it might get dark early which means you do not want to be outside exploring as long as you might on a summer evening. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your hotel, make sure to stay somewhere with free wi-fi. You can use this time for Skype or Facetime your family and friends back home to recount your adventures for the day

4. Meet Other Travelers

Another way to break up the monotony of solo travel is to meet other travelers. Your conversation doesn’t have to end when you land and deboard the plane. In fact, two great resources that can help you connect with fellow travelers and even locals are Couchsurfing (similar to Airbnb) lets you stay with local homeowners where you might also be able to meet other travelers

5. Relax While You Eat

Meals can also be a good time to unwind and be yourself. Yes, you can strike up a conversation with the waiter or bartender, but, your meal can also be a good time to sit and reflect. Maybe you will use the time to plan the rest of your day, catch up on emails if the joint has free wifi, or read a book.

6. Leave A Copy of Your Travel Itinerary With Friends and Family

Do your friends and family a favor and send them a copy of your itinerary that includes your flight times, hotel reservations, and maybe even a rough idea of your sightseeing schedule.

It could really be one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have. Sure, it’s fun to make memories with your friends and family, but, solo travelers have plenty of fun too. You just need to have a positive attitude. And, it doesn’t hurt that technology has made the world a lot smaller than ever before.

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